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29 December 2009

Inspiration from Red Carpets: What to wear on New Year’s Eve

Maybe we can’t afford all those beautiful designer clothes but we can steal some inspiration from them to create our own outfits. What are you going to wear on New Year’s Eve? I hope to see your pictures on your blogs… next year!



  1. gotta do some lace and some sequin

    love the blog,

    link exchange?

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

    Fashion By He
  2. Loving it! Especially the lace and nude :3

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  4. love all!

  5. non sono una fan del capodanno (diciamo pure che lo snobbo ogni volta) ma se dovessi andare a un party sceglierei gli outfits di alexa chung e mary-kate olsen. bellissimi!

  6. i love the emma watson's look + the natash poly one.

    Marina Siero
  7. Wonderful inspiration:)

  8. WOW this is perfect.

    but i have to say my fav. is Agyness Deyn. LOVE IT

    i bought this striped sequin black dress from h&m, and so far thats my plan. but these are all so much better, gotta go shopping! ahah


    MC's Closet
  9. Nice pictures!!

  10. Wow, I would go for the studded dress worn by Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. It was love from the first sight. Now I have to look for a sponsorship! Great post, thank you!

  11. Come sempre grande ricerca, a me piace molto la serie Nude&Black, pizzo valencienne leggero in color carne e nero, bello, di una eleganza senza tempo, credo che per possa andar bene sia per il cenone che poi reinterpretato da tutti i giorni con accessori più sportivi…ok ora mi guardo in giro per il lace-nude–black-look…grazie per la dritta!!!

  12. Wow, definitely very inspiring photos! I only have an inkling of an idea of what I want to wear. I might have to come back to this when I decide to put together an outfit!

  13. All so inspiring!
    a fantastic post!
    Your blog is definitely one of my favorites!
    Your posts are always so lovely and inspiring!

  14. My new year's eve will be extremely casual, with friends and firework so I enjoy looking at other people's inspiration.

    juliet xxx

  15. i love Agnes style 😉

  16. uh ashley olsen looks horrible in her dress! but the others are really pretty (: first of all natasha poly, meloes horst and erin wasson!

    love, caroline.

  17. Il vestito di Emma Watson è fantastico!!

  18. Happy new year!!

  19. OH EM GEEE LOVE natasha poly! Fab post darling!



  20. amazing! love Julias and Anyas the best!

  21. This is awesome inspiration. I wish I read this to plan my outfit. Julia does my favourite looks.

  22. love this inspiration pics.
    happy new year!