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8 January 2010

Inspiration: Fur Hats [Part 1]

In one of Europe and US most freezing winter you must have one of these – fake I hope – fur hats. [A second part will follow…]


  1. bello il colbacco!

  2. Chicago has THE WORST winters… I am considering getting a fake fur hat, or seeing if I can find something at a vintage store.

    ps. Lily Allen looks adorable

    pps. I love your blog!

  3. I like them with the flaps up. Bought one for a friend some time ago. You also see a lot of those Russian like round fur hats. :)

  4. god i love them. they're so useful when you have to wait for the bus in the morning and its freezing outside

  5. Lovely hats.. so cool that faux fur!

  6. I like the fur hats! Really handy with this weather.

    xoxo, thn

    Thu Hien Nguyen
  7. It is one heck of a freezing winter! You said it!

    juliet xxx

  8. i love all those fur hats! lily allen's is so intense haha.
    i have to invest in one of these :)

  9. Oh, this is amazing. I have one fur hat, just I have to look for it somewhere :)

  10. hELLO!!
    i posted this collage in my blog, (i have wrote the source, your web address, on the title and on the articole, i hope this is not a problem, but i absolutly love your blog and your creation!

    you can visit mt blog and use my picture too expecially of my outfits (but not only!( i would love it and will be an onour!



    Irene C.
  11. nice hats!

  12. i'm sorry because i always read your blog but i never comment Glupss :S

    I really love it, because is a gigant bag of ideas :)

    but i have a question: how do you can find all the photos OMG!!! ???


    Syntagma Square
  13. wow I thought my furry hats were big but these are HUGE!! I love Lily's big fluffy one, I might have to get one of these with ear flaps, great post xxx

    Pearl Westwood
  14. thanks…so now i really want one.

    you totally showed great photos…i love how everyone styled themselves

  15. Not sure if I can pull this off but I love the look very much! Thank you again and again for great images!

  16. I do have a fur hat :) With flaps though I really want one without!

  17. i am SUCH a fan of your blog!
    and the outfits are so chic!

    fab , fab, fab!
    keep the posts commin!

    im obsessed with fashion as well.

    Monica Bedi
  18. I desperately want (need) a fur hat this winter – these pictures are just too cute for words!

  19. Cool photos and very inspirational blog!

    the fur hats add awesome detail to any outfit, too bad its too hot to wear one here :)

    Goodle x

  20. oww great collection! i'm so glad that you add my photo too! thanks a lot!
    the coldest winter is in Russia, it's freaking cold here now ๐Ÿ˜€ so you have to wear fur hat and it's so cool that it is now very fashionable ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. love this so much!
    please do a velvet collage, i'm in love with velvet at the moment!! x

  22. I haven't updated my blog a long, long time, what means I haven't read your comment ( that my pic was added in this collage) yet!

    I took the time to watch your blog till I found the post (januari)
    and I have to say that I absolutely fell in love with it!
    From now on this will be another great great source for inspritation for me, and thanks for adding my look!

    Keep up the good job!