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15 January 2010

Dedicated To [Me]: See by Chloé Wrap Around Studded Strap Boots

Yes yes yes they are mine! I saw these See by Chloé Boots months ago on the web and it was love at first sight. And then – surprise! – I saw them also in a shop window of my city and thought: “If they’re still there in January – that means, ahem, on sale – I could think about bringing them home with me…”. Actually I was sure that such sublime shoes would have been sold out in a few weeks. BUT: since I live in Monza , 15 minutes away from Milan, but for better or for worse it is NOT Milan, and everybody here dresses so “classic”, seems they didn’t even considered buying some – OhMyGod – flat studded boots. That means that two days ago they were still in the shop window. With a much nicer price. Sometimes I love my boring city filled with fashion-boring customers…


  1. I must take my martens boots and do myslelf these studded belts!

  2. So what was the original price and what did you end up paying?
    They are so cool..

  3. Nice!

  4. Seriously, this blog for me is a spring of fashion inspiration! I love the way in which you combine the pictures (especially those with the blogger looks!). Keep up doing that fantastic job, I am a stalker! Kisses from Greece! Oh, by the way I am learning Italian now (I am still a beginner though), in some months I will be able to comment in Italian! Baci!

  5. I love these boots! Fantastic! Have to have them!

  6. You paired them perfectly. Nothing to envy to the celebrities. It is amazing how these boots that look masculine to me, can end up looking so feminine.

    B* a la Moda

    B a la Moda
  7. Oh my goodness, you are so lucky! They are amazing and will work with everything! Congrats :)

  8. i just fell in love !

  9. Congrats on the shoes! They are soo nice! And its always nice to find something you would never expect to own in sale!

  10. lucky you!! i'm totally in love with those boots, especially on rachel :)

  11. The boots are amazing, and they will last you forever!!

    Pearl Westwood
  12. oh my god, those boots are so stunning!!!! :)

  13. Nice boots

  14. Love love love those boots!

  15. Rachel Bilson wears some of my all time favourite outfits with these gorgeous boots.

  16. That is so amazing!!! I want them so bad. How much did you pay?

  17. wow. your city sounds… perfect. hahaha. so great you got the boots on sale!! I'm officially jealous haha.

  18. Sudded boots are sooo amazing!! I really love the grunge look it gives

    Valencia Lia
  19. porca miseria che paura! allora ho appena aperto il tuo blog e vedo il post sulle tshirt di black button, che ho appena scoperto anche io per la ricerca di tshirt che sto facendo e poi scorro la pagina e vedo gli anfibi di Chloe che mi sono comprata ieri in saldo, io li ho presi rossi però…mamma ke flash, mi precedi sempre di un soffio!

  20. amo queste scarpe.. favolose! *__*

    Velvet Rose
  21. ti dirò… sono carini questi boots, ma stavolta non è scoccata la scintilla! mi piacciono eh, però hanno qualcosa che non mi rapisce al 100% (per fortuna!)