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27 January 2010

How To Wear: A Scarf around the Head

I know we are all dreaming and planning our spring outfits but unfortunately it is still winter… So here are some ideas against the cold. You can use circle scarves or normal ones. And as you see from the pictures you absolutely won’t look as an “old lady”… Or you can try out a fashionable fantasy look with an hooded coat.


  1. adorabili, una più bella delle altre…grazie per quest'altra "dritta" fashion da copiare all'istante!

  2. so warm for the winter!! great ideas!!


    Glamour Feeling
  3. Thank u for featuring me again!!!!!!
    Love this post.
    X fashionnerdic

  4. bellissime! Ho visto una sciarpa circolare proprio la settimana scorsa da Promod, mi piaceva un sacco ma avevo già terminato il mio budget e ho pensato di tornare a prenderla…appena finisco sti cavolo di esamiiiii! Kiss 😉

    Loving Chiaradeanna
  5. che belle foto!! mi piacciono molto queste circle scarf da portare tutte arrotolate e anche in testa :) ne sto ultimando una ai ferri (il mio primo lavoro!! che fatica), spero di finirla stasera davanti a grey's anatomy!

  6. ooooooooooooooh so nice^^

  7. wonderful!

  8. My friend's mother knitted a scarf around the head for her. It looked really funny, so we both laughed at it. But it's actually kind of cool, I think.

  9. Thanks a lot!

  10. Cute and warm :3 I really like it but my head tend to disappear with this kind of things :O

  11. I love wearing my big scarf like this, it keeps me warm in blistering snowstorms like we're experiencing in Sweden today!

  12. love this trend!

    i am following!
    i am obsessed with fashion as well
    sincerely, the fashionista from

    Monica Bedi
  13. really nice your blog:)

  14. i love this collection of beautiful photos! definitely not old lady!

  15. ow, here is summer… and never is cold enough to use the scarfs. but with a little bit of imagination and these inspirations, maybe the outfit can work! thanks for sharing!

    Tatiana Landim
  16. thank you so much for your comment and for featuring me :) sorry i didnt get back to you until now! but i love it! thank you!

    come visit our blog again soon :)
    xo, camilla