Blue Notes

Blue Notes

15 September 2015

Blue is in Fashion this Year 2.0 | My new blog’s layout!


Here it is, please welcome the new Blue is in Fashion this Year 2.0!

It have been intense months before this launch. Months of research, of inspiration, of waiting and rising expectations. But now I’m proud of the sesult. As you may notice there are some new features and functions on the blog.

Logo & identity: a new logo, a visual identity and a new colour palette. Which now includes blue (weird I didn’t I think of that before!), in particular a light sky blue and an intense ultramarine blue.

Multilanguage: non more mixed texts where you have to skip through English and Italian written parts. Now you can choose your desidered language selecting it on top left of the home page.

Menu and Categories: since now my posts were divided into tags, which are still here, but I now have a new menu with categories that better represent the content of my posts. “Blue Notes” will be my new column where I share more personal thoughts.

Contact and About: new pages also for getting in touch and with a short bio of me and my blog.

Responsive site: essential feature, the blog is now designed to be best viewed also on mobile devices and tablets.

A big thank you to Sidsel Solmer Eriksen of Spread Studio in Copenhagen who did logo and artwork of the site. No one like her (and before her) was able too understand so quickly what I had in mind and to transform it into reality. And to Filippo Bonino who developed the coding and all the technical part, thank you for your patience and support.

So, that’s really a new beginning for me, I hope you like the new blog layout and will stay with me through this new journey!







  1. Complimenti per il nuovo blog!

    • ma grazie!

      Erica Blue
    • thank you so much!

      Erica Blue
  2. Ciaooooo tutte le mattine il tuo blog e’ per me una tappa fissa!!!! Complimenti per la nuova veste!!!!

    • Ti ringrazio Alessia!!

      Erica Blue
  3. Bellissimo!! Sarà ancora più piacevole seguirti

    • evviva, mi fa piacere!

      Erica Blue
  4. Fantastica come sempre!
    Anche la versione 2.0 è strepitosa!

    • Sempre troppo gentile Ale!!

      Erica Blue
  5. Good Luck! 😉

    • thanx!

      Erica Blue
  6. Bellissimo il nuovo mood! Complimenti per questa nuova identità!!! Per ora ho visto la versione mobile, ma voglio vedere presto la versione pc!!!!

    Lela _ Seaseight Design Blog
    • Grazie! Poi mi fammi sapere, ci tengo al tuo parere!

      Erica Blue
      • Eccomi come promesso :) Me lo sono guardato con calma in lungo e in largo!
        Mi piace proprio, ha lo stile attuale, è fresco, intuitivo (e ciò non guasta!!). Hai fatto centro. Smack!!!

        PS: chissà quando riuscirò a rinnovare il mio 😉

        Lela - Seaseight Design Blog
        • Grazie, che bello, sono contenta che ti piaccia!!

          Erica Blue
  7. Wow! Ero in trepidante attesa di conoscere la nuova veste! Che dire, il blog accogliente più che mai! Brava Erica, a te e al tuo team!

    • ah grazie, che sia accogliente mi piace molto come complimento!

      Erica Blue
  8. Erica, the new site turned out so incredibly cool. Congrats!! Completely lovin’ it and looking forward to more of your personal side with Blue Notes. :)


    • Thank you Theresa! So happy about that!

      Erica Blue
    • thank you!!

      Erica Blue
    • ti ringrazio Ilaria!

      Erica Blue
  9. Well done! The new layout is fantastic, thoughtful, and somehow more you. Loving it!

    • Thank you so much!!

      Erica Blue
  10. assolutamente benvenuta la nuovabellissima grafica! con dei contenuti così interessanti ci voleva, il vecchio sito era ormai scomodo da navigare e non rendeva giustizia ai tuoi post!

    • Grazie Sara, mi fa molto piacere!

      Erica Blue
  11. … comunque bellissimo il nuovo sito! Complimentoni

    Karin K
    • Ma grazie Karin!

      Erica Blue