Blue Notes

Blue Notes

17 November 2015

Think of all the time


Think of all the time you spent asleep. Now add the minutes you spent on social media reading something that you already knew, that you found useless, that made you angry. Add the minutes you had to wait when you were in a hurry. Add those moments you spent on a train, on a bus, unless you were reading the book that changed your life or were chatting with what would have become your husband. Add the time you spent at work, doing that job you did not like. Those hours spent with people that you considered empty, the days spent waiting for something that never seemed to happen. And that has not even happened. Add the time spent trying to have the right look, saying the right things, going to the right places with those people. Those people you haven’t seen in years now. Those minutes, all those minutes, those hours, those days. What happened to all those minutes, what?


Photo by me. Flatlay: small objects from my childhood, glass box by Ittala, pencils and pencil case by Faber-Castell, lip balm &Other Stories.