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Blue Notes

8 March 2016

Much ado about… Balenciaga & Saint Laurent


So many articles, so many words written on Balenciaga’s and Saint Laurent’s latest fashion shows.


Opposite views on Demna Gvasalia at debut at Balenciaga – (a not so positive one) via wwd

And Just Like That, Balenciaga Is Back: Talking to artistic director Demna Gvasalia about his provocative first collection for one of fashion’s most influential brands – via NY Mag
“My intention is not to make clothes that are completely new, or to be in a museum — as long as something is practical and somebody needs it in her wardrobe, then it makes sense to me”. Demna Gvasalia, to Cathy Horyn
What happens when Balenciaga designs for normal people via washington post.
(normal people? Do normal people buy Balenciaga?)

Will Balenciaga’s New Creative Director Be Even More Commercial Than Alexander Wang? via New York Magazine



“It must have been parody”– on Saint Laurent via wwd.

Saint laurent


Saint laurent1

I agree: a parody, since why would any of us want to look like an anorexic ugly and promiscuous Disney witch blocked in the 80s? And I do even like the Eighties!

My point of view, in short:

The really good ones are the ones no one talks about.




  1. Ho trovato SAint Laurent scandaloso, semplicemente osceno. Per quanto riguarda Balenciaga… una brutta copia di Vetements, a mio parere

    • Sì, questa Balenciaga non è certo tra le mie preferite.

      Erica Blue
  2. Posso riassumere in una sola parola : deprimente sia gli abiti sia le modelle.l

  3. You are saying exactly what I think and what I have always thought! ‘The really good ones are the ones no one talks about’. It’s really like that and has always been like that, because humans are like that. And it’s SAD. very sad.

    I cannot tell you how much I despise all the hype around Demna Gvasalia (and perhaps he himself as well, as he seems like a pretentious , arrogant, fucktard!). I think this is exactly what I hate about the fashion world in general(and the world in general): Sheeple. People who do/follow/say/do/wear things only because others or the majority does so. Brainlessness and not having your own mind is for me the most despising thing in a human.

    I cannot believe Balenciaga hired this guy, who is obviously a mysognist who hates women and wants to make them look in the worst possible way. The only reason they hired him is because he sells. Yes, he sells. He creates trends and creates controversy and buzz. While I admit I like these trends, I hate his clothes in general. They basically prostituted the house and it’s sad and makes me so upset, because Balenciaga makes beautiful clothes, not necessarily girly and nothing like fairytale-like and classic, but one thing it does: It makes women look beautiful. This new collection doesn’t. It’s like if this guy thought: “Why not combine an old librarian, my grandma’s old curtains, and a sadomasochist (the boots) together?. Groundbreaking”.

    And nowhere will you find an article criticising this collection. You know why? That makes you uncool. People are scared to dare to say anything negative about it.

    That being said, you find long essays an articles wanting to praise the collection and to justify it’s questionable ‘greatness’. But you know what? If it were so great , it wouldn’t need people explaining others in several paragraphs/a whole long ass article as why it is so great. Images talk by themselves and are enough to say what a collection really looks like and Demna Vasalia’s collections are preposterous. Both his and Balenciaga’s.

    And I didn’t see the Saint Laurent collection till now.. God, is it ugly. :(

    • A much more detailed analysis Laura! That’s exaclty the problem: people don’t THINK anmore, they just want someone else to tell them what to do and what to wear, in this case.
      And fashion really isn’t much more about the clothes, there are only higher interest behind. Which is kinda sad.

      Erica Blue
  4. I couldn’t agree more.. It’s sad to notice that from a whole collection only 1-2 pieces are (maybe) worth of buying.. Saint Laurant was completely out of my taste.. The clothes looked really cheap and as Laura said they looked like prostitute clothes.. But since there are people who are buying these things, wat can you say?! Maybe they know more.. The good thing is that there still exist designers that embrace the feminity and the beauty of a woman and who like to see a woman sexy, but in a healthy way..