26 May 2016

What happened to Christine Centenera?


Stylist Christine Centenera has been one of my favourite fashion icons, I posted a gallery of her looks in 2013 and 2014 – I still have a folder full of her looks starting from 2012, I think. But then I saw what she wore for Mercedes Fashion Week Australia a few days ago and… panic. What happened to her? She chose looks that simply are too much, with baroque details I don’t like. And she also did something on her face. Starting from the nose. She had such a beautiful and particolar nose!

Here are Christine’s looks from Australia’s FW.


Night gown, robe and  spanx tights?


Cat (shoes) sleeping on the carpet (dress)?


Shakespeare in love.

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And this dress?? Looks like a 6 years old top.”But put a scarf on, it’s cold outside”.


Fortunately in Paris she wore some looks I loved, like the rouches-trousers.


 These two looks are (her old) style.



And I like this one too (hoping for a fake fur). But take a look at her face, with the piggy-nose…

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To conclude:


Christine in the army.


Christine in the aviation.


Chef Christine.


Christine Shakespeare in love 2.

Dear Christine, that’s how I like to remember you:




  1. Mamma mia… La faccia!!! Aiutooooo! Ma era così bella prima, ma perché?!?!

    • Guarda davvero, le belle che si rifanno imbruttendosi sono INCOMPRENSIBILI.

      Erica Blue
  2. Hai ragione ! Non capisco perché vuole diventare meno bella. E non amo molto il suo stile.

  3. è vero!! non ci avevo fatto caso, naso compreso

    • io prima pensavo ok ha fatto il botox ma poi qualcosa non tornava comunque :)

      Erica Blue
  4. Ci ho fatto caso non molto tempo fa, sono andata a sbirciare il suo profilo instagram e che delusione! Concordo con te, oltre ad essersi notevolmente imbruttita coi ritocchi, anche lo stile é cambiato, in peggio.

    • che delusione! ma se sei bella perché devi rovinarti, perché??

      Erica Blue
  5. Christine has been my absolute top style icon since I started blogging and her mostly all black looks, super edgy and sexy have been a huge inspiration for me. She is one of those few with a truly unique and highly aesthetic style. She knows how to play with proportions, layer without looking homeless, and look like a rockstar.
    However, I really have to agree with you! I started noticing these outfits a little while ago, but I thought it was just a bad outfit day, which not even she might escape from time to time. But I see now that it seems her style really changed for the worst and that is really disappointing. Also, the change in her nose is really noticeable. I have no idea why so many celebrities always want to have this piggy Hollywood nose and get rid of what makes them unique. I am really very disappointed, yet still hoping it is just a bad phase. x

    • I guess working with Kim Kardashian has affected her concept of “beauty”…

      Erica Blue
  6. The Kardashians, Kanye and the Kardashians are what happened to her -_-

    Laura Hernandez
    • Exactly!

      Erica Blue
  7. I also find her something different lately. I loved her, his style, what a cool looks, better!

    Carmen Gloria Uribe
  8. Yes I see what you mean about her fashion choices and different nose, but I saw her walk by me at a Paris haute couture show last month and she looked totally fine. Same as always, that’s how I recognized her.

    Jill R