Blue Notes, Lifestyle

Blue Notes, Lifestyle

2 September 2016

blueWEEKLY – Interesting readings & links


It’s been some time but I’m back with my blueWEEKLY and some interesting weekend readings I found on the web this week.

 Jean Touitou of A.P.C., French brand I’m loving more and more, talks about new projects and the state of fashion.

“It’s the same crisis that destroyed the record industry a few years ago. It’s an absurd way of functioning. It’s too costly and too tiring for everyone. It’s an absurd way of functioning. It’s too costly and too tiring for everyone. There are too many fashion shows, too much loss of quality, too many parties. There is a crisis of overproduction. Too much fabulousness. It really is the Warholian nightmare.”. A.P.C.’s Jean Touitou

I’ve watched The True Cost this Summer (it was about time). It left me with tears in my eyes and so angry also about how much we are pollutting our world by producing and buying so many clothes. More on this important topic here: Fast Fashion is creating an Enviromental Crisis.


But someone is trying to care and to do better: The Latest Generation of Cool Cruelty Free Fashion. And someone else too. And someone is doing 1 billion $ ethically.


The problem is – still – that all these cool and ethical brands a very expensive. And for many people they can’t be a valid alternative to cheap fast fashion right now.


Switching to make up: what do you think of make up dupes? Are they worth? I can say that personally I never found a true dupe. It could be a nice product, a cheaper product but not a twin product.



And are you humble? Overvaluing confidence, we’ve forgotten the power of humility. Being humble on social media times. It’s hard. But we can try. We should try.









  1. I was wondering why you weren’t posting these, I really missed them! You have a very unique and very important voice in the fashion blogging world and I think what you are doing is amazing, so please, don’t let anything stop you!

    I’ve just saved ‘ The True Cost of Fashion’ on Netflix and I’m watching it tonight. Thanks for that!

    Regarding dupes, I confess that only until 2 years back I started getting real make-up. Before, my routine was much simpler and I didn’t really care much about skin care nor make-up in general. If drug store make-up counts as dupes, I used it all the time. When I got my first ‘real’ foundation, i.e. DiorStar(best foundation ever!), I noticed there was a whole wide world (or universe!) of difference. Despite its pricy tag, I think it’s worth every single penny and the product is so rich, that with little you cover tons, therefore it lasts for ages. I think investing in essential make-up like foundation or powder saves you money at the very end. I also received Illia and Kjaer Weiss stuff a while back and I am in absolute love with cruelty-free make-up. Their quality is incomparable. I never tried a better nude lipstick than those of Illia, seriously incredible and long lasting.

    Without sounding the opposite of modest or arrogant or anything of the sort, for me personal growth has been an ultimate goal since I can remember. I truly believe in evolving as people and as humans. Otherwise, if we don’t, we keep on making the same mistakes. That’s why my mind is constantly changing. I think that there’s a reason why intellectual humility is essential for scientists and it requires a lot of guts. The guts to admit you are wrong to seek for the truth. The guts to leave behind everything you’ve ever been taught to seek for what is really true, and I think, sadly, wayy too many people lack these guts.
    Showing yourself as confident and as if you don’t give a f*ck is far more acceptable, far easier for most, than showing yourself as a humble person. Sadly, humility is often mistaken for weakness and I really hate that.

    Hope you are having an awesome weekend. x

    • Thanx Laura, it is always very interesting to read your thoughts.

      Erica Blue