16 February 2017

What a good Moisturizer should do


Since my first trip to Japan three years ago I’ve been a super fan of Asian skincare. It is dramatically different to Western or better to what I was used to consider “skincare” here in Italy. In Italy all you have are basically moisturizers, “creams” that can do this and that, antiaging, antiacne, replumping and so on. They usually all have a thick-rich consistency. Since I’ve been hooked and jumped into my personal version of the 10 Step Korean Beauty Routine [I explain this better on the Italian part of the blog here] I learned two important lessons:

1 | There are different textures that feel so much better and lighter on the skin than the ones I was used to.

2 | To moisturize is the last step of the Asian routine because the function of a moisturizer should be to give some extra moisture but also to seal all previous products in, without letting water out of your skin.

So what a good moisturizer should do is to fulfill these two options. Sounds easy. Yes, it’s as easy as this. But what is not so easy is to find a really good moisturizer that does the job well. A product packed with good ingredients and without the bad-poor ones (you know parabens, mineral oil, and so on). And I was immediately sold trying the reformulated version of one of Korean’s bestsellers: Klair’s Rich Moist Soothing Cream.

A lovely light bot not too light (if you see me) texture, perfect for cold Winter and sensitive skin. It’s perfect also under make up. There’s no scent in it which I like, no animal testing. It does not cloque pores but does your skin stay hydrated the whole day. And it blends in very easily. The packaging changed from a jar to a tube, that I like better too.

A good moisturizer should perfectly moisturize your skin. YES, that’as it. No dry pacthes , no redness. And that’s what Klair’s does. It’s now the last step of my skincare routine every day.

You can find Klair’s products and COSRX (some other fave of mine!) on Wishtrend a Korean beauty site (there’s free shipping over 60$).